What people say about us

Krastu from Durham, UK

Rex from Wisconsin USA

"I must say it is the by far the best gaida I have, and I have around ten of them. Really it stands as a work of art all by itself ... I hope to play it enough to be true to the music and respect and love it. ... The attention to design and detail is extraordinary. ... I liked it so much I took it to bed with me ! It was in perfect tune as soon as I played it ..."

David from Australia

"Thank you from my corner of the world for such a fantastic web-site, it's so good of you all to put in so much selfless time and effort, us pipers/musicians on the other side of the world who have a love of the Kaba Gaida and it's music and who wish to be able to play the instrument would be totally in the dark without your wonderful web-site."

Alexandre from Switzerland

"Thank you for your excellent service and all your advice. I am very happy with my kaba gaida."