Joint projects with people posessing similar values are welcome.

We believe in the power of communities united by a common purpose. To get our task done we need help in the following areas:

  • Social media, PR, Copywriter. We need someone who can improve our online appearance. To help and make sure that our followers are well informed about what we do - participation in international events, activities with children.
  • Brand manager. Someone to help us build KabaGaida.Com as recognizable initiative.
  • Assistant. Someone who will help with organizing our events. Also helping to organize our wiki.
  • Web. Someone to take care of our web page.
  • Volunteering, crowdsourcing. We need a person searching for ways our initiative to become sustainable by attracting contributors. Coordinating people takes time and a special person to assist in this area.
  • Financing. We need finances. There are a numerous funding programs, competitions and organizations that would promote our activities. We are looking for someone to help us find these opportunities, he/she should be able to apply and successfully complete the process.
  • Community Manager/Tribe Builder - a person who can help in the management and growth of the community of fans of the Rhodopa bagpipe (live and online).
  • Designer. Person or a group of people to create the visuals of the project such as - websites, presentations, videos etc.
  • Photographer. Person or a group of people who will take care of the pictures and the videos of the project - online lessons, shooting events and presentation videos, photos for presentations, brochures, landing pages etc.
  • Business Development Assistant. For the online shop, the online lessons platform and the local activities which we have. All these are very important and supports our cause so we need more activities related to these.
  • English interpretor. There are numerous texts that we want to translate to English. We want people around the world to get closer to our ideas and thoughts.
  • Composer. We have ideas for joint projects with brass and chamber orchestras. To realize these ideas we need professional support.
  • Cultural heritage. A person who will collect, organize, digitize and publish authentic materials related to Rhodope bagpipe.
  • Other ideas? Share them.

Join our community: