How it started

In 2005 year I started to play the kaba gaida. The fall of the previous year I spent few weeks trecking the Rhodopean peaks. Since then the gaida and the mountain are in my mind and heart. I've been playing the gaida against the stream of Amazonas and Danube rivers. In 2012 year together with Kostadin started the KabaGaida.Com initiative to meet the need of people in Sofia and abroad learn to play and know more about the gaida. 4 years later we have a solid base to go further. For the choice, the values and how I found the work I love I share here (Bulgarian only, check the links below).
I started to play the gaida when I was 10. I got inspired by my coisin, Nikolay Belyashki, who is well known among the kaba gaida pipers as a excellent maker and performer. In 2005 year I met Cvetelin and Yanko in the cultural centre "Dobri Chintulov" in Sofia. There were a lot of people who wanted to learn playing the gaida . I started to show them what I know and this is how I got involved into teaching kaba gaida. The idea of spreading the traditions and culture of the Rhodopean gaida was born. Now I teach kids, adults and online for people all around the world.
I started to play the kaba gaida in 2005 year. During the summer I was practicing near the National Sport Academy. One day Cvetelin came, he had heard the gaida playing and he invited me to practice together. Since then we are together all the time - festivals, weddings, parties. I love the Rhodope mountain and often go there.

What do we do

Online trainings

Free videos, scores, handbook, articles. Online lessons.

International Bagpipe Conference 2016 featured on Reporting Sc...

The International Bagpipe Conference with Kaynak Band, le Bourdon Collectief and the The National Piping Centre beautifully featured on Reporting Scotland.

Posted by International Bagpipe Organisation on Thursday, March 17, 2016

International events

Kaynak Pipers Band brings the kaba gaida on international festivals, conferences and events.

Gaida games

Workshops for kids.


We help kaba gaida fans share experience and meet.

To Chicago and Beyond

This fall we are invited to take part in two of the big festivals folk world and folklore music in the USA - Chicago World Music Festival and Richmond Folk Festival gathering more than 700 000 visitors. We have gigs in New York, Baltimore, Boston, Washington.

The tour

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  • What we'll do after the tour

    • Continue with the kids workshops.
    • Continue with our training activities for adults - workshops, demonstrations and educational concerts.
    • Continue our research for a practise gaida to be played near neigbours.
    • Improve our online presence.
    • Prepare more training videos, scores, translate articles and put them for free here.
    • Find important international events to share our gaidas.
    • Finish the handbook.
    • Find a way to publish authentic resources for the kaba gaida.
    • Give us an idea