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Nikolay Belyashki is one of the masters of bagpipes in Bulgaria. He is an excellent bagpipe player and is a part of the very popular assembly "101 Bagpipes". Nikolay is from the capital of the Rhodopes - the town of Smolyan. He had began playing the kaba bagpipe when he was 12 years old. One of his teachers is Konstantin Ilchev, who is also a master of kaba bagpipes. Nikolay made his first kaba bagpipe at the age of fifteen and since now he has made ​​hundreds of bagpipes, sold in Bulgaria and abroad. Several times he won first place at the National Bagpipe Competition at Gela and some other contests. Nikolay Belyashki is a master, who always stays true to the tradition and the unique style in making the authentic Rhodopean kaba bagpipe. He uses mostly dogwood to make the bagpipes.